Don't Stop Being Crazy
I enjoy the simple things in life. I don’t need a thousands friends, or girls climbing all over me to fill my time. My thoughts are less of trying to fit in, and more of trying to be a better man. I like a sunny day with the wind blowing through my hair. When my eyes catch the eyes of a cute girl and you hold that stare for just a second before looking away. The first taste of a cold draft beer after a long week of work. When a stranger randomly comes up to you and says hi. People that can hold good conversation about the randomest of things. A good song to sing along too at the top of my lungs. Daydreaming of where I wana spend my days and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk mmmm.... I love Music, Art, Longboarding, Sunsrises, Hockey, Soccer, Bright Colors oh yea and heavy metal especially Iron Maiden \m/ My blog is just a bunch of random stuff I find interesting/cool/motivating/beautiful... Facebook sure just ask me :D ~Steel City Pa
hahah ok yea I sometimes do wonder this
  1. hahah ok yea I sometimes do wonder this

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